W&Y Rd /
CGI is illustrative only
Connectivity is at the centre our spatial strategy for the regeneration


We intend to build new cycle route and foot paths in the new park from Clapham Junction to the Thames pathway. This will create a safe and attractive link between the station and the river Thames which will make it easier for residents and commuters to enjoy the boroughs natural assets.


During our consultation events residents frequently tell us that there are too many badly parked vehicles on the estate. We want to reduce the number of parked cars on the estate and to encourage residents to make it easier for residents to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. There is a parking space for every three properties and spaces will be available on streets for existing residents with some private parking available, in podiums and in basements.

All residents will have their parking needs reprovided on street

Bus / Car / Train

The new road layout has been designed to reduce congestion and to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians. By encouraging non-vehicular movement the design increases footfall in the area ensuring spaces become more active and self-policing helping to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Our scheme proposes to change the 170 bus route so that it travels from Grant Road down Winstanley Road (as shown below). This will make it easier for residents of both the Winstanley estate and the York Road estate to use local buses and will encourage residents from across the borough to travel to the new leisure facility.

The layout encourages non-vehicular movement and delivers a safe network of locally active streets.