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Open Space - York Gardens
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By using a creative design the park will become a unique space which can be enjoyed by all sections of the community

Design Principles

The design of the park celebrates the history of the area whilst integrating more green and open space into the design. At the centre of the new scheme will be the redesigned York Gardens which will be linked to the wider neighborhood by green streets and spaces. The new park has been designed to be used by all ages and includes formal playgrounds and playareas, an outdoor gym, open spaces for sports and courtyard areas for other public activities.

The public open spaces are designed with safety and security as a priority. The development has been planned for York Gardens to be overlooked by residents on all sides, and lighting will illuminate the area at night reducing the risk of anti-social behaviour. A clear lighting strategy will illuminate public and green spaces at night, limiting the amount of dark areas potentially used for anti-social behaviour.

Our vision will deliver an attractive new neighbourhood that provides better opportunities for all

The design responds to key desire lines, with links through the park that ensure residents maximise their interaction with nature and the health benefits that it can bring. Inspired by the Falcon Brook, the large swales and rain gardens running through York Gardens are a sustainable solution to water treatment while offering educational opportunities. In addition, York Gardens blends a mix of new tree planting with existing trees to create a park setting with maturity, supported by planting to add year-round interest.