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The Winstanley Estate is situated close to Clapham Junction station


The estates are located between Clapham Junction Station and the river Thames. The two estates were a product of a series of redevelopments during the mid 20th Century from streets of terraced houses to a variety of types of housing. The York Road estate provides large blocks of homes with less planned external spaces whilst the Winstanley Estate was built in two phases with the second phases providing a public realm which in large parts benefitted from design by a Landscape Architect.

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York Road is a major vehicle route through Wandsworth creating the northern boundary of the development site, connecting with Falcon Road to the east and Plough Road to the west. Both of these roads are active routes providing busy pedestrian and vehicle links to Lavender Hill and Battersea Town centre. To the South of the site is the railway and Clapham Junction station, a major transport node in South West London providing accessibility to the rest of London and South West England.

There are few heritage assets in the immediate vicinity of the development site. But only a little further away across the tracks to the South are a number of buildings in the commercial centre of Battersea. To the North, again across a rail line, is Battersea Square which sits in its conservation area and includes a number of fine buildings that communicate some of the character of the old village, by the Thames, that was early Battersea.