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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.


1. What blocks are being demolished?

    Pennethorne House, Lavender Road, Scholey House, Kiloh Court, Jackson House, Arthur Newton House, Baker House, Holcroft House, Chesterton House, Galleons Court, Darien House, Farrant House, 105 Meyrick Road, Gagarin House, Shepard House, Ganley Court.
    Thames Christian College, Battersea Baptist Chapel.

2. When is my block due to be demolished?

    The Joint Venture partnership published its initial phasing plan in July 2017, as designed by Taylor Wimpey and submitted as part of their bid, this is available here. This phasing plan continues to be developed and an updated plan will be available as part of the hybrid application consultation in June for the submission in July.

3. Will I have to move temporarily when my block gets knocked down?

    The demolition of blocks has been phased so that, (apart from the first block, Pennethorne House), all secure tenants and resident leaseholders who want too, can move directly into their new home. If you are a secure tenant, this is a home which meets your Housing need in terms of bedroom size and any adaptions required, which will be complete before you move in. If you are a resident leaseholder you will be moving into a property which has the same number of bedrooms as the one you currently live in.

4. What is the difference between a resident leaseholder and a non-resident leaseholder?

    A resident leaseholder is a leaseholder who resides in the property, as their principle and only home, whereas a non-resident leaseholder is does not reside in the property. This has implications on the offer you will be made by Wandsworth Borough Council when it is time to demolish the block you live or own a property in. To find out how this might impact you please consult your local regeneration team.

5. What is the equity share scheme and how will it affect me?

    The council has created the equity share package for resident leaseholders to ensure that there would be no additional borrowing costs which would prohibit existing leaseholders from remaining in the scheme and enjoying the benefits of the regeneration of their area. It is necessary as the value of the new properties is likely to be greater than the value of the existing equivalent sized property. Under the equity share scheme the difference in value between the two properties will be held, interest and rent free, by Wandsworth Council. Leaseholders will also have the option to reinvest the ten percent home loss compensation they receive back into the new property should they wish to own a greater proportion, as well as the having the option to buy equity owned by the council over time.

6. Will the service charge be higher in my new property?

    Although Wandsworth Borough Council is currently unable to guarantee the service charge levels of the new properties, Wandsworth Borough Council expects that the new properties will be cheaper to heat and maintain, and Wandsworth Borough Council is intending to cap service charges at the existing level of service charge at the time of moving where possible to do so. The blocks are configured in such a way that they will continue to be managed by the same management regime as in the existing blocks.

7. What is an early move?

    The early moves scheme was created to give tenants options if they did not want to remain in the regeneration area. The scheme aims to assist tenants to move to existing housing in the borough, whether to council or RSL stock. The queue is a specific one for residents living in the regeneration area and nominations to properties are made with reference to the allocations policy of the borough and the local lettings plan for the site, which has due regard to the site phasing plan and the borough pressures to house and rehouse applicants to various queues.

    If you are a secure tenant living in one of the blocks impacted by demolition you are able to request to move at any point before the demolition of your property. Your new property will be on the same social rent basis with the same security of tenure as your current property unless you choose to move to a property owned by a housing association or outside of the Borough. The council will also pay you home loss compensation (currently £6100) and will cover all reasonable costs incurred as a result of your early move. If you would like to discuss this further please contact the Regeneration Team.

8. I am a tenant in a demolition block, will I receive any compensation as a result of the regeneration?

    The compensation available to tenants and leaseholders as a result of the loss of their home due to a compulsory purchase order is determined by central government. In February 2015, Wandsworth Council decided that it would pay this level of compensation to leaseholders, freeholders and tenants who for their own reasons decided to move earlier than they were required and move away from the scheme forgoing their entitlement to a property in the regenerated area. As a tenant, you will be required to move as indicated by the phasing plan and you will receive home loss compensation of £6100 (reviewed regularly by central Government) minus any money you may owe to Wandsworth Borough Council. The Council will also reimburse costs incurred to ensure the move can take place this would most likely include (although is not limited too):

    a) Your removal costs
    b) The disconnection and reconnection of services
    c) The disconnection and reconnection of appliances, including movable fixtures and fittings, e.g. light fittings
    d) New window dressings (i.e. curtains/blinds up to an agreed value) if your existing dressings cannot be used
    e) Redirection of mail (up to a nominated date)
    f) Incidental administrative costs incurred by change of home – change of driving licence, etc.
    g) Other reasonable expenses, to be considered by the Regeneration Team in line with Compulsory Purchase Order compensation code

9. Will my new property meet my housing need?

    If you are a secure Wandsworth Borough Council tenant and are overcrowded you will receive a new property which meets your housing need at the time of your assessment which will be carried out before your move into the new property. Conversely, if you are under-occupying your property you will be offered an incentive (between £2000 and £5000 depending on the number of rooms ‘given up’) to downsize to a property which meets your housing need, or alternatively you are able to keep one bedroom above that need, as long as you are not adversely impacted by the spare room subsidy.

10. Will I receive support moving from my current property?

    Wandsworth Borough Council will have a number of interviews with you in the years and months coming up to when you will need to move, and you can arrange a visit or interview with your allocated officer at any time. You will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about the move process with your allocated officer, who can arrange further referrals with other support and statutory agencies should you wish us to do so.
    On a practical level, whether you need additional assistance from other agencies or not we will arrange free of charge the delivery of cardboard boxes to you property, plenty of time in advance of your move and for the transit of these boxes to your new property. If you think you may require extra support simply on the practicalities of the move process or perhaps with de-cluttering, please contact your local regeneration team.

11. Will I be able to decorate my new property ?

    If you have decided to undertake an early move, Wandsworth Borough Council will pay for you to decorate your new property to an equivalent standard as your current property, but will not pay for the decoration of any rooms you may gain as a result of your move. You should discuss this with your allocated officer prior to the move. The new properties will be decorated to the highest standards, and you will have had opportunity to view your property in advance of moving into it.

12. Will the rent be higher in my new property?

    If your new property has the same number of bedrooms as your current property then your rent will remain the same it is when you move. If your new property has more or fewer bedrooms then your new rent will be assessed in line with Wandsworth Borough Council rent setting policies, for social rented units.

13. What size will the new properties be?

    All replacement properties will either meet or exceed the Mayor of London’s Housing SPG. This means that:

    a) a one bedroom property (2 person) will be a minimum of 50m2
    b) a two bedroom property (4 person) will be a minimum of 70m2
    c) a four bedroom (6 person) flat/maisonette will be a minimum of 113m2

    Furthermore, all new properties will have a balcony space. For more examples of other property sizeds or to see examples of floor plans please contact you local regeneration team.

14. Will the new properties have gardens?

    No new properties are being built with private gardens although all will benefit from outside space. However, all new blocks are being built with enclosed courtyard spaces which will provide residents with a communal space for enjoyment and door-step play. The ground floor properties will be provided an enclosed terraced garden area, separated from the courtyard.

15. Will the new properties be suitable for disabled tenants?

    All new properties are being built to the Mayor of London’s quality and size standards which require all properties to be accessible and adaptable for disabled tenants, and ten percent of all new properties will be wheel chair accessible. Furthermore, if you are disabled and alterations have been carried out to your property to make it more accessible we will install the same alterations in your new property before you move in. If you think yours or a household members needs have changed and that you may need to be reassessed by the councils occupational therapy team, please contact your allocated Regeneration team officer.

16. Will the estate lose services as a result of the regeneration?

    Wandsworth Borough Council will provide all existing facilities and services in the new neighbourhood. Furthermore, as part of the regeneration the Joint Venture will be providing new commercial units and community facilities, for Wandsworth Council, as well as jobs and training opportunities. For more information please contact your local regeneration team.