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Community Hub
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A vibrant, welcoming and inclusive building, embedded within the local community

Community Hub

Our concept for the new combined Leisure, Community, Library and Children’s Centre is of a fully integrated facility; a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive building which is embedded within the local community. It will be accessible from the park and will become an attractive destination for Wandsworth residents providing the estate with a sustainable community asset.

During our consultation events we have listened to the views of residents and have designed a facility which goes beyond the original brief and which responds to the needs of the community.

A large inviting entrance with reception, cafe, library access, pool viewing and community hall

Key concepts and design principals include:
  • Creating a facility which will function as a community centre as well as a leisure centre
  • Producing an interesting design which stimulates peoples curiosity, but with a clear internal structure which caters for everybody
  • Designing an exterior which is welcoming to residents with views into and out of the building
  • Using materials which will reduce the staffing and maintenance costs across the lifetime of the building, ensuring it remains a borough facility affordable for all
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the facility by integrating green energy into the design
The new leisure facility will have three pools and ample changing facilities